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Frequently Asked Questions
What's your mission?

Our current focus is on cancer and we work to raise money through cruise registrations, flag sales, t-shirt sales, auctions, business sponsorships and free will donations. Our goal is to distribute out fundraising proceeds between research organizations looking for treatments and cure’s for various types of cancer; to local patients or caregivers and the remaining is held to fund the expense of the following years events.

In the future we would like to coordinate events for other kinds of issues the need eradication from the planet — like Suicide, Lupus, MS, Epilepsy, Domestic Violence, or Workplace Fatalities.

What organizations do you give money too?

Since 2015 we have given to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Melanoma Research Foundation and the Canine Cancer Alliance to name a few. Checkout the Recipients page for a more detailed list.

Where else does the money go?

Primarily our donations go to individuals, mostly people fighting cancer. Some are surviors and need a little help financially after their fight and some are caregivers that need help financially because they are taking care of someone with cancer.

Not everyone wants to be publicly acknowledged as being a beneficiary of one of our donations, but a few do and you can visit the Recipients page to see them.

Can I purchase a flag or shirt anytime?

The flags are limited to being created for our events. You can order one anytime, but it won’t be made until right before the next event which is typically in May and in August- September.

After the pandemic we made a decision to create some pre-messaged flags and some ‘write-in’ ones as well. As soon as they are gone we will start doing custom flags again.

We try to keep our available shirt inventory published on this website. After the events we typically do not have EVERY size. In order to take advantage of quantity pricing we only order shirts 1 time a year prior for the Spring event.

Do you have customer service?

We are a 100% volunteer organization. All of our board members and volunteers have full time jobs, but if you have a question or an issue, please email us or message us on Facebook and someone will get back to you as soon as they can. [email protected]